Delaware Fisher Gets Monster State Record Blue Catfish

Delaware Fisher Gets Monster State Record Blue Catfish

Delaware has another state record blue catfish. The 48-pound, 3.2-ounce fish was pulled from the Nanticoke Waterway at roughly 1:30 a.m. on October 8 by James Ruler. “It’s the greatest catfish I’ve at any point laid my hands on,” Ruler told F&S. “I got it straight off the base while fishing with a 4.5-inch live bluegill with a 4-ounce sinker.”

Master’s blue feline taped out at 40.5 inches and had a 30-inch circumference. “I got it on a Shakespeare Tiger bar spooled with 20-pound test line,” Ruler said. “It took me 20 to 30 minutes to get it in. He set up a lot greater battle than the 15-to 20-pounders we’ve been getting.”

Ruler said that conditions have been harder than typical on the Nanticoke this year. “I’ve been savaging around this spot for around 90 days. The dry season this late spring’s been awful,” he said. “It was so hot and dry that the main things that were hitting were catfish and snakeheads — so we began focusing on the catfish.”
Master and his child, James Ruler Jr., were involving night crawlers and chicken bosom for snare toward the start of the mid year. They were carrying a ton of good fish to the boat that way, yet as the season advanced, they chose to raise the stakes. “About a month prior, I tracked down this drop-off where the profundity goes from 3 feet to 8 feet, and afterward right down to 15 feet,” he said. “With the active tide, your boat sits perfectly to project it into the profound and bring it back into the shallow on a case by case basis. I began in that spot utilizing 2.5-inch bluegills. I continued to get the 10-pounders, so I went up to 3.5-inch bluegills, and I was getting a ton of 15-to 20-pound catfish with those. Then I went to a 4 ½ inch, and [the 48-pounder] pummeled it.”

Master said he had four different lines out when the record-breaking blue feline breathed in his lure. His child brought them in when Master attached. “If not for him, I likely would have crossed my lines, and I could have lost that fish,” Master said. “It’s a collaboration each time we go out.”

Blue catfish are not local to the Nanticoke. As per the Public Maritime a Barometrical Organization (NOAA) they’re obtrusive all through the whole Chesapeake Inlet Watershed. However they make for the sake of entertainment fishing, they are unleashing devastation on biological systems inside the Narrows and in its feeder streams. ” Blue catfish eat fundamentally everything, including blue crabs and other fish,” as per the NOAA. “They rival other bigger fish for food. They eat those other fish, as well. Accordingly, these dominant hunters are rattling the food web.”

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In any case, Master said he was unable to be more joyful with his state-record catch, and he intends to have it mounted. He’s now got his sights set on an adjoining state’s blue catfish state record. “I’m adequately close to the Maryland line, and I’m going for that one, as well,” he said. “Their state record is 86 pounds, and it was trapped in the Potomac. We’re on the opposite side of the sound from the Potomac. There’s an opening around there that I’ve been fishing. I haven’t received anything north of 20 pounds in return yet, yet I know [there are greater fish] in there.”

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